Monday, May 24, 2010

What emerging technologies are you using in your classroom?

I would like to facilitate a discussion about the emerging technologies you are either using in your classroom or would like to be using in your classroom. This will provide us with a deeper insight into the technologies being used and the services that I can offer so that e-learning becomes truly ubiquitous in our workplaces.

Over the next few weeks I will post some short articles and questions relating to new and emerging technologies, please feel free to contribute and share your knowledge or ask any questions.

To start the discussion consider the article 'Google to bring the web to TV sets"

You will need a web-enabled television from Sony or a set-top box from Logitech that routes web content to your existing TV set (apparently this technology will be availabl in the US by the end of the year).

So why is this technology useful?

* You can search the net while you are watching TV
* You can watch youtube on your tv set
* You can devote part of or the whole screen to web surfing

Now this is not the first time we have seen TV and the computing combined. Even back in the 90s when I worked for a computer retailer we had tv on the screen at the same time as someone was using the computer.

My question is 'why is this useful?', 'will you use this technology in your classroom?' and 'how will this benefit learners?'

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