Thursday, October 15, 2009

Am I really an e-learning champion?

Interesting question, is anyone really an e-learning champion? I won't attempt to answer that but I will say I feel confident writing this blog and covering some key aspects of learning, pedagogy and e-learning. I base my knowledge on my own personal research and experience. I have been an educator for more than 20 years. I hold a degree in VET, Diploma in TAA, a variety of post graduate qualifications and diplomas. So does that make me an expert? Probably not! What it does give me is a pool of personal knowledge to start this discussion and facilitate your ideas into some meaningful form.

Over the years I have tried a wide variety of strategies and techniques in the classroom and in the online environment. My personal belief is that we should explore the technologies and strategies available to us, use what works and discard the things that don't.

I invest a lot of my time exploring new ways to deliver teaching but I never keep my knowledge or success to myself. My aim is to share my knowledge, admit my mistakes, highlight what I have learnt and provide opportunities for myself and others to learn from each other.

That doesn't make me an e-learning champion but it might make me a champion for the cause!

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